Marijuana can help treat opioid addiction, study shows

According to a new study published in Drug & Alcohol Dependencecannabis helped subjects manage withdrawal symptoms while undergoing treatment for opioid dependence—and made them more likely to complete outpatient treatment.


“Evidence suggests that the cannabinoid system is involved in the maintenance of opioid dependence. We examined whether dronabinol, a cannabinoid receptor type 1 partial agonist, reduces opioid withdrawal and increases retention in treatment with extended release naltrexone (XR-naltrexone)…The severity of opioid withdrawal during inpatient phase was lower int he dronabinol group relative to placebo group…participants who smoked marijuana regularly during the outpatient phase had significantly lower ratings of insomnia and anxiety and were more likely to complete the 8-week trial.”

Authors: A Bisaga, MA Sullivan, A Glass, K Mishlen, M Pavlicova, M Haney, WN Raby, FR Levin, KM Carpenter, JJ Mariani, EV Nunes

Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2015) 154:38-45


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The effects of dronabinol during detoxification and the initiation of treatment with extended release naltrexone