Calming Down with Medical Marijuana – ADHD and ADD

Lost and Confused SignpostADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)are life and mind-altering neurological disorders that can cause impulsive behavior and issues with paying attention for those afflicted. ADHD and ADD affect many different people, young and old alike, and it can really get in the way of someone being able to do conduct everyday activities. There are several options for treating those with ADD or ADHD, some that are helpful and some that cause more issues for those who are stricken with such a disorder. In many cases, it is important for the symptoms to be tested with a variety of methods so as to find the best solution for treatment.

Many doctor’s prescribe medication in pill form for those affected by ADHD and ADD. These medications generally have plenty of uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms, sometimes causing more issues. Symptoms of ADHD/ADD are: frequently forgetting things, difficulty accurately remembering information, daydreaming, and so many others that can greatly deter someone from enjoying everyday life completely. Prescription medication will curb a lot of these symptoms, but can cause other symptoms, including: insomnia, nausea, anxiety, a decrease in regular appetite, and more. While many of these symptoms are treatable with other medications, there are alternatives for those looking to break down the issue and avoid having to treat every symptom separately.

Natural alternative for Treating ADD/ADHD

Medical marijuana has been shown to achieve positive results in addressing many of the symptoms that those with ADD and ADHD are stricken with after taking medication. Not only does it aid those who have trouble sleeping, but it also helps with appetite, nausea, and anxiety in some cases. It has been used as an alternative to regularly prescribed medicine as well, because in some cases it calms the hyperactivity altogether. This is clearly showing positive results for those looking for an alternative to the medicine which can cause more issues along the road to curbing ADD and ADHD symptoms.

While studies are still being done over the benefits of medical marijuana use for ADD/ADHD symptoms, it is an alternative and natural option for those whose lives have become altered due to their over-active behavior. As with many disorders, always speak to a doctor and discuss options that are available.