THC, The Brain, And Pain

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THC, The Brain, And Pain

 The Scripps Research Institute, Associate Professor Paul Schweitzer, Ph.D

Quick, Natural Relief for Migraine Headaches

Picture7A migraine headache is a painful, often debilitating, type of headache that is characterized by intense pain, nausea and sometimes a sensitivity to light. Migraine headaches are caused by alterations in the blood vessels surrounding the brain. Experts do not know all there is to know about migraines; however, there are some identified characteristics.

Migraine headaches seem to be genetic and travel in family groups. Also, they can often be triggered by stress or anxiety as well as certain foods such as chocolate or MSG. Migraine sufferers often get the headaches when they miss meals. Women who take birth control pills may find that they get a headache right before their periods, which is when the estrogen level in the pills cuts off. These excruciating headaches affect almost three times as many females as males.

Migraine sufferers will often have symptoms that indicate a migraine is imminent. Some experience vision problems, where their vision is hazy or partially obscured. A small percentage of migraine sufferers experience temporary vision losses, as well. Migraines are also accompanied by nausea and vomiting and a sensitivity to light, sounds and smells. Other sufferers experience numbness in the face.

Many times, medications for migraines cause more trouble than the headaches themselves. Some of the pain relievers can cause liver damage with long term use. Other medications can be less than effective as they are taken orally and the process dilutes their potential healing properties. There can also be deadly contraindications with other drugs.

Medical cannabis/marijuana is a safe alternative for treating excruciating migraine headaches. First, it is a natural treatment, with no additives. Because the herb is inhaled, it gets into the bloodstream more quickly and can provide direct pain relief faster. Also, medical cannabis promotes relaxation, which is instrumental in alleviating stress and tension induced migraines. Studies also show that the vascular changes medical cannabis promotes helps in the relief of migraine headaches in the same way that popular prescription drugs do.

As a natural treatment that is quick and effective in providing pain relief for migraine sufferers, medical cannabis is a viable alternative to slow reacting and often non-effective prescription drugs.

Chronic Back Pain -The Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Picture4Chronic pain is a debilitating condition in which a part of the body sends pain signals to the brain for an extended period of time, usually longer than six months. This pain might have originally been the result of injury or illness, but has lingered after the instigating condition has healed. Chronic pain affects millions of people and can cause severe secondary effects.

Symptoms include: Lasting pain unassociated with an injury or illness, or that lasts beyond the length of an injury or illness. Pain that is shooting or burning. Pain that aches. Stiffness or discomfort.

The main indicator that a pain is chronic in nature is its existence without a medical cause. This continuous pain can lead to sleeplessness and fatigue, a weakened immune system and an increase in stress. These secondary effects can aggravate the chronic pain, making it much worse.

Clinical Trials, Studies and Publications:

Effective Treatments

There are many effective treatments to chronic pain, depending on the source and severity. Physical therapy may be required, or several massage sessions can be administered. These treatments are the least invasive. However, with sever chronic pain, medication may be required.

Usually a doctor will describe a pharmaceutical drug to dull the pain and make the condition bearable. Pain killers, however, are notorious for their addictive qualities. Close medical supervision is required to keep painkillers from developing into a bigger problem than the chronic pain.

Marijuana as a Treatment For Chronic Pain

An alternative exists to the dangers of prescription painkillers. The use of medical marijuana has been found in numerous studies to be an effective and less invasive treatment for chronic pain than pharmaceutical drugs. The greatest advantage of marijuana as a treatment is that it is non-addictive. This means there is no danger of becoming dependent. Also, marijuana has a greater effect on the secondary effects of chronic pain, reducing inflammation and the levels of stress and fatigue in a healthy and safe manner.

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